Monitor/Keyboard Configuration

Laptop Configuration

The DeskPup is made of three elements, cut out of HDPE sheets, that are easily assembled by hand, without tools.

*The basic color is white. However, different colors can be provided on special orders.

DeskPups come in two different work surface dimensions:

24” L x 15” D for use with a laptop

28” L x 20” D for monitor + keyboard

DeskPup bases comes in 5 different heights:

Size    Elbow-to-ground

S          37-39 inches      (9″ high)

M         39-41 inches       (11″ high)

H          41-43 inches      (13″ high)

XH       43-45 inches       (15″ high)

XXH     45-47 inches       (17″ high)

(assuming main desk is 29” high)

US Patents No. 9,351,562 B2 and 9,474,363