“Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But not Simpler” – EINSTEIN

Thinking outside of the box is paying off. The Saga of an invention followed by an innovation. In earlier days, some people came to realize that sitting all day at their desk was not a good thing. Some of these people had the power to have their employers order standing desks for them. Since these […]

Ergonomics, the false prophet

  We have all seen articles about the ergonomics of standing desks and sit-stand desks. The scientific-looking drawings convey a strong feeling of authority and demand assent. But what is their real values? We are specifically interested in the matter of height adjustment with a focus on “elbow angle”. OSHA, the federal government Occupational Safety […]

Crucial feature promising superior service life for standing desks

      By the own admission of their distributors (1), most standing desks are made of materials which are not fully understood and evaluated by the market. Should this market fully grasp the reality of these materials, they might think twice before purchasing such products. What passes for wood in these standing desks is called […]

The monumental value of a unique standing desk design

The monumental value of a unique standing desk design “Design” could first be meant in matter of aesthetic… Pleasing to the eye! Well, here we will consider another meaning: engineering design. What’s a sit stand desk, after all? Isn’t its chief function to be first a desk? And what is a desk supposed to do? […]