Thinking outside of the box is paying off. The Saga of an invention followed by an innovation.

In earlier days, some people came to realize that sitting all day at their desk was not a good thing. Some of these people had the power to have their employers order standing desks for them. Since these employees had clout, the employers did not hesitate to pay the selling price for these devices no matter how expensive.

We also realized that humans need to stand up some time at work. That is: everybody. The issue is so important that the benefits should be offered all employees. It is a matter of workplace democracy. But the cost now could be an issue if organizations had to buy a device for all their personnel. So, there was a definite need to offer a less costly device and even more: provide increased value.

It was important to rethink the technology of standing desks. To think outside of the box.

The first thing to do, in the process of thinking outside of the box, is to study exactly where the box is. We studied OSHA requirements; we studied articles in ergonomics, national human body metrics and made a powerful discovery. Whereas the prevalent understanding is that, when standing, the height of the desk should have the person bending his or her elbow with a exact angle of 90 degrees, the real requirement is that the angle of the elbow should be between 90 and 120 degrees. After a quick trigonometry computation, that means that the top of the desk can be up to 5 inches from the height of the elbows.

That changes everything.

Now there is no need for infinite height adjustment. One-inch adjustments would be more than fine. It follows that metal structure and scissors construction are not necessary. Metal is heavy, costly and fragile. Foregoing metal architecture allows for a much better engineered design, a sturdiness that have the DeskPup ® hold more than 11 times its own weight, whereas the metallic design could not even hold its own weight.

Additional values: the DeskPup ® also allows for the use of plastic (HDPE) which offers a much better service life than the “engineered wood” used in most other standing desks (e.g. park benches in HDPE). More values: the plastic is totally recycled plastic and totally recyclable.

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