The monumental value of a unique standing desk design

The monumental value of a unique standing desk design

“Design” could first be meant in matter of aesthetic… Pleasing to the eye!

Well, here we will consider another meaning: engineering design.

What’s a sit stand desk, after all? Isn’t its chief function to be first a desk? And what is a desk supposed to do? Isn’t supposed to hold stuff on it? Shouldn’t a well engineeringly designed standing desk hold as much stuff as possible while using the least amount of resources to provide that holding?  Let’s choose for the measure of this holding resource the total weight of the desks.

So, the index of well-designed standing desks we propose is the ratio of “Weight supported by the desk” divided by “weight of the desk”. We accessed the data from all the standing desks, comparable to the DeskPup, offered in the first page of Amazon at the time we did the research (alas this page changes all the time). The general conclusion is obvious anyway. For the 18 standing desks offered on the Amazon page at the time we did the research the average “Good Design Index” was .81 which means that these desks only supported 81% of their own weight.

In the other hand, the index for the DeskPup was 11.8 … as opposed to .81!!!

Many users of standing desks report that they lean over their desk with their arms or elbows, putting additional pressure than just the weight of the equipment, that is computer, monitor, keyboard and even documents. Wouldn’t you feel a lot safer doing this with a DeskPup!

The Index also proves that the DeskPup is very light for its performance and that it can be moved around quite easily.


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